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            What We Do?

            As a professional CNC laser machine manufacturer and a reliable laser brand, we are committed to designing, researching, developing, manufacturing, selling automatic industrial laser cutters, engravers, etching equipment, marking tools, welding machines, cleaning systems for hobbyists and commercial use.

            High Precision Laser Cutters

            Making precise cuts with metals (steel, copper, brass, aluminum, gold, silver, alloy, iron), wood, plywood, MDF, cardboard, fabric, leather, paper, acrylic, plastic, foam, rubber.

            High Resolution Laser Engravers

            Custom personalized guns, awards, trophies, signage, logos, smart phones, laptops, arts, crafts, jewelry, signs, displays, automotive parts, electronics, rings and YETI cups.

            High Efficiency Laser Cleaners

            A damage-free & eco-friendly way for rust removal, paint stripping, coating removal, oil stains cleaning, mold cleaning, weld discoloration removal, heritage restoration.

            High Accuracy Laser Welders

            Creating accurate welds of butt joint, lap joint, splicing joint, nail joint, crimping joint, single crimped corner joint, T connector, double lap joint, crimping corner joint, fork joint.

            What You Need?

            What do you want to buy a laser machine for? Which one should you choose? Feel free to tell us your needs and budget, get free referrals and quotes in minutes.

            Start Woodworking

            I'm looking for an easy to follow solution to bring my creative designs of woodcuts and engravings into reality with lasers.

            Custom Metal Cuts

            I need a precision laser to cut through sheet metals, as well as tubes and profiles for hobby use and industrial manufacturing.

            Personalize Signage

            I'm trying to find an affordable laser to make custom personalized signage for home & business with my needs & budget.

            Get Flexible Solution

            I want laser automation of cutting & welding to serve my smart flexible manufacturing system to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

            Create Arts & Crafts

            I'm seeking an laser engraver & cutter to make custom arts and crafts for small business and commercial mass production.

            Make Auto Parts

            I'm searching for CNC lasers to cut, engrave, weld, clean interior and exterior auto parts with extreme precision and extraordinary efficiency.

            Join Laser Cleaning

            I'm looking for a laser to clean contaminants from rusted, painted, coated, oxidized, oiled and aged surface for renovations & repairs.

            Start Laser Welding

            I'm buying a laser to weld butt joint, T-joint, corner joint, nail joint, crimping joint, lap joint and edge joint to join pieces of metal together.

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            Trending Deals

            Explore the most popular deals both online and in-store. Shop online from STYLECNC laser's selection at trending deals for every budget. Enjoy great savings and discover latest laser machine promotions.


            Affordable CO2 Laser Wood Cutter for Plywood and MDF

            $3,500.00 - $4,800.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Searching an affordable laser cutter to engrave and cut wood, MDF and plywood? Here is your best budget CO2 laser wood cutting machine for sale at cost price.


            Industrial Laser Fabric Cutting Machine with Automatic Feeder

            $10,000.00 - $16,000.00
            5/5 Based On 2 Ratings

            Industrial laser fabric cutting machine with conveyor table and automatic feeder is used to cut out shapes and contours for clothing, garment, fashion, apparel.


            Smart 3D Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Robot for Metal Fabrication

            $50,000.00 - $78,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Fiber laser cutting robot is a smart 6-axis robotic laser cutter machine used to cut out complex 3D shapes & contours on metals in multiple directions & angles.


            All-In-One Fiber Laser Cutter for Sheet Metals & Tubes

            $50,000.00 - $380,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Looking for an all-in-one fiber laser cutter for both sheet metal cuts and tubing? ST-FC3015GAR is right for your needs of multi-purpose metal fabrication.


            Affordable 5x10 Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

            $13,800.00 - $20,000.00
            5/5 Based On 2 Ratings

            ST-FC3015E fiber laser cutting machine is a 5x10 sheet metal cutter with powers of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and brass.


            Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Beginners on Sale

            $23,800.00 - $39,800.00
            5/5 Based On 2 Ratings

            Metal laser cutter ST-FC1390 is a high precision small fiber laser cutting system for hobby use and home business to cut through most types of sheet metals.


            Portable Laser Welder with Handheld Laser Welding Gun for Sale

            $5,600.00 - $10,800.00
            5/5 Based On 2 Ratings

            Looking to buy a portable laser welding machine for metal joints? Pick up the best handheld laser welder with wire feeder to take over MIG & TIG welding tool.


            Automatic Laser Welding Machine with CNC Controller

            $14,800.00 - $23,800.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Shop the best automatic laser welding machine of 2023 at a great price. Get what you want for joints of butt, lap, corner, tee, edge with this CNC laser welder.


            Industrial 3D Laser Welding Robot for Smart Manufacturing

            $50,000.00 - $60,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Find valuable automatic 3D laser welding robots for smart manufacturing. Buy the best 6 axis industrial robotic fiber laser welder machine with FANUC robot arm.


            Affordable Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine for Sale

            $8,800.00 - $13,800.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Need a portable laser cleaner to remove rust from metal? Buy this affordable handheld laser rust removal machine with options of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W.


            2023 Top Rated Suitcase Type Laser Cleaner for Sale

            $11,000.00 - $20,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Shopping an ideal laser cleaning machine online? Here's the right place to get the best suitcase type laser cleaner of 2023 you need at most affordable price.


            2023 Best Value Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine for Sale

            $6,000.00 - $12,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Searching for the best laser cleaner on sale for 2023? Shop online at STYLECNC to get the most valuable backpack laser cleaning machine you are looking for.


            CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter with 3D Dynamic Focusing System

            $9,500.00 - $11,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            CO2 laser engraver cutter with 100W CO2 laser tube and 3D dynamic focusing system is used to engrave wood, leather and fabric, as well as cut paper cards.


            3D Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine for Custom Crystal and Glass

            $17,500.00 - $19,800.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            3D laser subsurface engraving machine is the best ultra-fine laser engraver kit for inner crystal engraving, inside glass etching, and internal acrylic marking.


            Affordable Fiber Laser Deep Metal Engraving Machine for Sale

            $3,980.00 - $5,980.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Fiber laser deep engraving machine is a metal etching tool to create reliefs on aluminum, brass, silver, gold, steel for custom mold, gun, jewelry, auto parts.


            Mini Compact CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Small Business

            $2,800.00 - $18,000.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            Mini compact CO2 laser marking machine with 30W Synrad RF laser tube is used for small business of wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, and leather.


            CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving & Marking Machine for Sale

            $4,500.00 - $6,800.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            CO2 Galvo laser marking machine is a high-speed and ultra-fine engraving system for organic materials like rubber, fabric, wood, paper, glass, stone, ceramic.


            UV Laser Engraver with Fireproof and Dustproof Protective Cover

            $5,800.00 - $8,300.00
            5/5 Based On 1 Rating

            UV laser engraver with an enclosure for fireproof and dustproof is a fully enclosed laser marking machine to safely create fine marks on plastics and metals.

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            Need laser machines to upgrade fuel vehicle and electric car manufacturing? Review this guide to laser cutter, engraver, welder, cleaner for auto parts.

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            What Our Customers Say?


            Spencer Graham

            Reviewed in United Kingdom on Jul 11, 2023

            5 out of 5

            I bought this laser to offer pricision cutting services specially for fabrics of all kinds. I have to say this is a production level machine and the cutting table is large enough for my clothing line. Easy to use and works as advertised. I cut some sleeveless black tops of cotton without burnt edges and am looking forward to other more challenging projects. All in all a good laser fabric cutter for the money.


            Phillipp Zimmerman

            Reviewed in Germany on Apr 26, 2023

            5 out of 5

            Ich habe diesen Laserreiniger gekauft, um Oxidreste und Rost von alten Münzen zu entfernen. Es eignet sich sehr gut zum Reinigen von Metalloberflächen aus Gold, Silber und Kupfer und kann die überschüssigen Rückstände mühelos entfernen. Bisher ist das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis super und von mir gibt es 5 Sterne. Darüber hinaus ist der Rucksacktyp leicht zu tragen und für Arbeiten im Freien geeignet. Ich werde versuchen, es in den nächsten Wochen zum Reinigen und Restaurieren von Steinrelikten sowie zum Entfernen von Farbe und zum Entschichten zu verwenden.


            Daniel Pugh

            Reviewed in United Kingdom on Apr 16, 2023

            5 out of 5

            I needed to remove rust and paint off of old cars, I had tried many other removers and cleaners with terrible results. I decided to try the LC200 laser cleaning machine and can tell you it works fantastically, easy to use with a short learning curve for beginners, lightweight and easy to move. No damage to substrate surface. Great tool for some renovation and restoration jobs.


            Aubrey Clark

            Reviewed in South Africa on Jun 05, 2023

            5 out of 5

            The ST-FC3015E works well for what is needed. I tried cuts with a variety of metals including alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel and brass from 0.5mm to 20mm, resulting in clean and precise cuts. It's much better than my plasma cutter in terms of speed and accuracy. This is great for the price. So far I like this laser metal cutter.


            Randy Zimmerman

            Reviewed in Canada on Apr 23, 2023

            5 out of 5

            I actually love this great laser and I get everything as advertised and more. It's the right tool for someone who needs to make deep engravings on metals, as well as create personalized designs on 3D curved surfaces. I have used it for almost 6 days. I'm impressed by the precision and what it can do, which is above my expectations. So excited to own this engraver and keep creating with it.


            فهد عبدالعزيز الشمري‎‎

            Reviewed in Saudi Arabia on Apr 08, 2023

            5 out of 5

            لقد قمت بالعديد من مشاريع اللحام باستخدام آلة اللحام MIG ذات التغذية السلكية في سنوات. كنت أحسب أنني سأعطي آلة اللحام بالليزر الجديدة فرصة. لم أصدق مدى سهولة الوحدة. لكنها تلتحم جيدًا بشكل مثير للدهشة ، وأنا سعيد جدًا بكيفية عملها. يلحم على نحو سلس وهادئ. بعد أسبوع فقط من حصولي عليها ، كنت بحاجة إلى اللحام بها. لقد قمت بلحام ألسنة سميكة 1/4 بوصة بطول أنبوب مربع وربطته بالشفاه. عملت بشكل رائع. حتى الآن دفع عامل اللحام بالليزر ثمنه بالفعل.

            Meet STYLECNC Laser

            STYLECNC Laser is a professional industrial CNC laser machine manufacturer and brand with independent intellectual property rights and core technology, which always regards innovation as the basic driving force for business development and growth, and is on the way to be the most trusted provider of automatic laser machines and smart manufacturing solutions.